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Gender and Ethnicity in Methodist Mission:

An Irish Perspective

Norman W Taggart


Folk Religious Beliefs and Practices among Sinhala Buddhists:

A Reflection for Christian Faith and Mission

Paul Mantae Kim


Theological Foundations for Evangelical Leadership in the 21stCentury:

2 Corinthians 5:18-21

Ivor Poobalan


Dharmayānō in the New Sinhala Bible

Prabo Mihindukulasuriya


The “Jesus Method” of Training Evangelists

Kumar Abraham


Buddhism as Stoicheia tou Kosmou:

Does Paul Attribute a Constructive Function to Non-Christian Traditions?

Prabo Mihindukulasuriya and David A deSilva


Christian Spiritual Warfare in the Theravada Buddhist Environment of Sri Lanka


G P V Somaratna 

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